A unique daily formula which helps you regain and preserve the health and beauty of your hair, skin, nails & figure

4 in 1 Daily Beauty Supplement Which Helps With:





4 Innovations for a Quadruple Effect

1. The identification of 16 active ingredients that act simultaneously, in synergy with the entire body to offer 4 anti-ageing benefits in 1 product.

2. The creation of the best means of administration to achieve optimal efficiency: two different capsules (Red & Silver), each provide the optimum dose and the correct combination of ingredients at the right time of day.

3. A double antioxidant effect: Inversion Femme provides antioxidants directly to your body and also provides ingredients which help the body regenerate and support antioxidants itself.

4. A thermogenesis effect: Inversion Femme contains ingredients which have a complimentary effect on thermogenesis and hence on maintaining the figure.

Recommended for women with hair falling and thinning, skin wrinkles and dryness, brittles nails and has an extra benefit on slimming the figure.

Inversion Femme is also recommended for all women above the age of 35 (except during pregnancy). After 35 years of age, signs of ageing start to show on everyone – it’s normal – Inversion Femme helps to slow down these effects on your hair, skin nails and has an extra benefit on the figure.

Clinical Studies


Hair Loss

Over 50% less hair loss!


Skin Hydration was increased by 13%. Wrinkles were reduced significantly with their depth reduced by 27% and complexity by 25%.


Most of women noticed improved nails (quality, appearance and texture)


After 2 months while following the same diet, the average weight loss was of 1.2kg and a reduction of 1.9cm of the abdomen circumference.

How to use Inversion Femme

  1. Inversion Femme is simple to use: take 2 red capsules in the morning after breakfast and 1 silver capsule in the evening with food.
  2. Hair growth progresses slowly and requires a little patience. Therefore, it is recommended that you take Inversion Femme for at least 3 months

Where can I find inversion femme?

Inversion Femme can be found in pharmacies located in UAE & Qatar.