Thick, long and shiny locks require lots of care and preening. However, there are many things we do(unknowingly!) on a regular basis which can cause serious damage to the manes on our heads.

Have a look at some of them below:

1. Over-washing the Hair:

With the upcoming summer season, it’s easy to resort to the use of shampoo, to get fresh hair everyday. However, this daily shampooing dries out the roots and scalp of the hair. Even dry shampoo can be harmful to the scalp if used excessively. Skip the shampoo every other day and wear a hat to work if need be. Try a different moisturizing shampoo if shampooing every day is a must.

2. Too Much or Too Little Conditioner:

Skipping the use of conditioner can leave your hair dry and brittle, whereas the opposite – too much conditioner can make your hair greasy and cause conditioner build-up on the scalp. Use normal conditioner once a week and use leave-in conditioner or a similar hair treatment once a month to give the hair a boost.

3. Too Many Chemicals:

Fan of the peroxide blonde hair? Or maybe leaning towards rebounded pin straight locks? Exposing the hair to any kind of chemical will definitely cause damage. Consider using a scalp masque before the treatment. Give the hair time to breathe and let it grow out before the next trip to the salon.

4. Heating It Up:

Tempting as it is to use the blow dryer and straightening iron every day, heat is one of the most harmful things to do to your hair. Heat dries out the hair and strips it of its natural oils. Using heat every day can lead to burnt hair in the long term. Use a heat protectant and skip the iron unless completely necessary.

5. Poor Diet:

Hair is made of collagen and proteins. Not enough protein intake may make the body shut down hair growth. This can happen about two to three months after a drop in protein intake. For shiny, bouncy hair, consume healthy fats and proteins found in fish, eggs, leafy green vegetables and avocadoes.

6. Brushing Roughly:

Brushing hair roughly can cause breakage and weaker hair roots and cuticles. To avoid this, use a wide toothed comb to sort out the tangles before brushing. Start your way from the bottom to top instead of root to tip, to avoid knots and breakage. It’s better not to brush or comb hair when still wet. Wait for it to dry before trying to take out the tangles.

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