How to Grow Stronger Nails Naturally

We all want strong and shiny nails but go for the quick fix, manufactured solution advertised to strengthen or grow our nails. But the chemicals in these products often end up causing more harm [...]

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7 Tips to Increase Metabolism & Calorie Burning

Some people are naturally active, restless and use more energy than others. They eat a lot and need not work out so much and still end up maintain or losing weight. These are the people with a [...]

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Skincare Essentials

How to get perfect, glowing skin? The answer is simple. Your skin requires some tender lovin’ care to be flawless. Time to put away that old facewash and harsh soap and pamper yourself. Here are [...]

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Best Haircare Tips For Summer

When summer rolls around, we stock up on sunscreen and drink water by the bottle – all in an attempt to minimize sun damage on the skin. Too often we forget that the sun wreaks havoc on our hair [...]

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Summer Skin Protection Tips

The summer season is upon us, with cloudless skies and the relentless sun. Summer causes oily skin, pimples, tanning and pigmentation, dehydration and overall dullness to the skin. It’s not [...]

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How to Grow Your Hair Faster

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Hair grows quarter to half of an inch every month – depending upon diet and genetics. This means the hair on your scalp adds about 6 inches of length [...]

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6 Common Mistakes That Damage Your Hair

Thick, long and shiny locks require lots of care and preening. However, there are many things we do(unknowingly!) on a regular basis which can cause serious damage to the manes on our heads. Have [...]

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